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Ach. Brito new line of colognes

A sensory journey through the main olfactory families

Since early on that Ach. Brito bets on the development of differentiating fragrances for a variety of products. The originality of these fragrances and the quality of the products conquered several generations, making Ach. Brito is one of the most respected and recognized brands in Portugal and abroad.

Over the decades, there were many perfumes and colognes that perfumed the Portuguese. Lavender, Antiga, Della, Héliotrope and Floréla are just some of the names that are part of Ach’s vast historical collection of perfumes. Brito, some of which are still on sale decades after their launch.
In honor of this legacy of essences and aromas, Ach. Brito has developed a new line of colognes that take a sensorial journey through the most popular olfactory families, passing by floral, woody, citrus and aromatic.

The new fragrances
Inspired by the timelessness of the iconic Lavender cologne, the new fragrances are elaborated with quality essences, by the hands of the best perfumers.
Agua de cologne Atlântico, at family of aromatics, and eau de cologne Magnolia, in the family of florals, are the first two launches of the line, which will present more novelties in 2021.

Eau de cologne Atlântico

água de colónia atlântico 100ml


Remarkably masculine, the Atlantic cologne offers an authentic sensory journey through the ocean.
This maritime explosion starts with the aromas of the coast, lightly scented with lemon and lavender, but
quickly the depth of marine and ozone aromas gain preponderance giving it strength and vitality. In the background there are woody contrasts of cedar and musk that transform it into a refreshing colony full of character.

Olfactory pyramid:
Top notes: lavender, lemon, melon
Heart notes: marine, ozone, bergamot, mandarin
Base notes: amber, musk and cedar

Eau de cologne Magnólia

Água de Colónia Magnólia 100ml


Feminine and elegant, Magnolia cologne is inspired by one of the oldest flowers in the world and
offers a bouquet of sophisticated notes that embrace the senses.
With the magnolia as the main protagonist, this aromatic bouquet incorporates the freshness of
green leaves and the lily of the valley with the delicate touch of talc, enlivened by the boldness of jasmine. The still rich blend
receives an exuberance of amber, sandalwood and musk notes, creating a seductive and captivating fragrance.

Olfactory pyramid:
Top notes: green leaves, talc, water notes
Heart notes: magnolia, jasmine, lily of the valley
Base notes: amber, sandalwood, musk

The attention to detail

In addition to the careful development of the fragrances, all the other components were also carefully thought out.
For the bottle of the new colognes, the most emblematic format of Ach was chosen. Brito, the Lavender bottle. It kept its shape but now with new colors and a renewed
image. To guarantee their quality and uniqueness, the production of the bottles is carried out at Vista Alegre Atlantis through a traditional process that has been repeated for over 90
For the packaging, a box was chosen. cardboard that presents images of the bottle on all sides, emphasizing simplicity and sobriety. The concept is
similar to the 100ml edition of the Lavender cologne, where the bottle is the main protagonist.
See the video and learn about the production process of our new colognes, a line that will surprise and conquer.

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