With a history that dates back to 1887, when Claus & Schweder was founded by Ferdinand Claus and George Schweder, two Germans living in Portugal, Ach Brito was founded in 1918, by brothers Affonso and Achilles de Brito.  In 1925, Ach Brito bought Claus & Schweder and allied innovation with experience.

After decades leading the market, and with the advent of new products – like shower gel, and new distribution networks – the company’s path was slowed down until 1994, when the great-grandchildren of Achilles de Brito, Aquiles and Sónia Brito, started leading Ach Brito. The company is restructured and the product portfolio is repositioned. With the new millennium, the wish to achieve new horizons grows, and Ach Brito’s luxury brand, Claus Porto, starts being placed in international markets.

In 2008 Saboaria e Perfumaria Confiança, SA, the second oldest soap factory in the country, is acquired, which means that Ach Brito is now a transversional presence in the market.

Nowadays, Ach Brito invests in the reinforcement of its corporal image, respecting its own history and tradition, but never losing sight of the extreme importance of quality and innovation.
Ach Brito
Portugal 2020