• Ach Brito

    One of Ach Brito’s main desires has always been to be a part of every consumer’s life, and with that in heart, the company places in the mass market high-quality products at affordable prices. Available in supermarkets, grocery stores and drugstores, the most economic range of Ach Brito products can be found through several sub-brands - some of which have existed for decades -  like Patti, Lavanda, Roasalface and Luxo Banho. When Confiança was acquired, the offer for this market segment was further extended, with brands such as Alfazema do Monte, Veleiro, Chipre Imperial, the technical soaps of Pumice, Tar, Sulfur, Donkey Milk, amongst others.

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  • Clausporto

    With a distance of almost 130 years of history, Claus Porto has a unique history and personality, with patterns inspired by old labels that transport us to the glamorous Belle Époque.
    With a production according to artisanal methods, the soaps are wrapped by hand in packaging illustrated with beautiful art work.
    After more than a 100 years and 4 generations, Claus Porto prevailed authentic, developing its expertise in perfumes and cosmetics, a crafting philosophy and an incredible portfolio of hand-made colorful labels and patterns, each carrying a unique personality.

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