Quality Policy

In order to better execute its mission and fulfill its objectives, ACH.BRITO and SABOARIA E PERFUMARIA CONFIANÇA consider that the implementation and maintenance of the Quality Management System, in accordance with the NP EN ISO 9001 standard, is essential, complying with the customer, statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to the product / service, taking into account the resources required to develop the effectiveness and efficiency of processes that are fundamental to continuous improvement of the organization's performance.

In order to achieve the objectives we propose, we follow the following guidelines:
  • Satisfaction and loyalty of our customers and consumers
  • Motivation and appreciation of our employees
  • Involvement of stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders) through a communication policy that enhances the best profitability for the parties
  • Continuous improvement of the product / service provided
The Administration expects all the employees to make a total commitment to the continuous satisfaction of our clients, providing all the support in order to guarantee an environment of growth and confidence.

Ach Brito
Portugal 2020